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Hello there! Nice to see you found my profile.
I am a horse loving idiot from the middle of Sweden. I don't really care what you call me, she, he, they. Just use whatever you're the most comfortable with.
I mostly do digital art; I used to do a lot of traditional, but sense I got a tablet, I've almost exclusivley done digital.
I adore all kinds of reptiles, real and mythological, especially snakes and dragons, so naturally I have a lot of characters that can fit in both these categories, such as normal dragons, naga, dragonfolk and so on. I'm also a huge fan of mermaids, especially mermen, if you couldn't tell by my favourites. I just generally love anything fantasy. I'm more of a cat person, but I do love dogs, Great Danes being my favourite.
My dream pets is three Ball Pythons, a piebald female who would be named Botts, a good old brown male who would be named Trickster, and an albino female who would be named Primadonna (I actually have a character with a pet snake named Primadonna, just because I want her so much).

Why I boycotted fandoms. by lostforeveragain Stamp: Love Commenters by Flame-of-the-Phoenix Stamp: Ceiling by Roxy317 it mocks me by ajCorza



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The prince and the captain
"Well isn't it my lucky day, seems like I caught myself a fine Prince." Norr smiled down at the man in his arms, drenched to the bone in sea water. He felt a cold hand gently carres his neck and cheek as he gazed lovingly in to his eyes. Gods he was perfect. 
"Hey, Storm?" He murmured as he leaned in closer. "Can I kiss you?" Storm glanced down at the taller mans lips and then locked his eyes on to his. "Sure." Rough lips met soft ones in a sweet, loving kiss, and he pulled his love closer.
MLP FiM: Rainbow Dash
I've started to work on a next-gen project, and I decided to start off with redesigning some characters from the show, starting off with RD. 
Added: Rainbow feathers + bird tail, feathers on neck and legs, new haircut. 

- Short wings and tailfeathers for speed and maneuvering
- Small build, second smallest in the main cast after Pinkie
- Short, waterproof fur and feathers
Name: Denisé Riversong
Gender: Female, she/her
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: Chaos demon with succubus/incubus ancestry
Origins from: The demon world, the Ulren'xin regions.

Denisé is of average height and weight. Her horns are almost always visible, though only around her servants, other demons and on masquerade balls. She hides them around humans who she don't want to know she's a demon (bad for buissness). When they are exposed they're often decorated with gold and jewels. She dresses in fancy dresses and gowns in dark, rich colours and fabrics. She moves with grace, and sometimes it looks like she's floating under her dress. She always hides her feet.

Denisé is the owner of many mines and trading companies, wich has made her very rich. She lives in a luxourios mansion on in east of the kingdom and mountin range of Renogum, on a mountin side at the Drasalt Peaks.

She is very intelegent and witty, has a good sense of fashion, is elegant, graceful and ladylike; but she is also sly, extremley manipulative, selfish, vain, and greedy. Her greed is her bigges weakness, as she can get herself in to some pretty bad situtations ad make bad desicions just because she wants more. It will probably be her downfall.
She loves anything and everything expencive, from mansions to armor to ships; and consumes only the finest of exotic fruits, wine and meat.
She often hosts big masquerade balls, with a twist, and the guests leaves either not as rich, or not quite themselves. She also loves to play games, though not always fair; winning is more important than a fair game, though, she loves a good challenge from time to time.
She HATES it when people see through her facade, and things can get pretty messy when someone do. She turns from the polite lady to a cold, down right cruel monster; and will do everything in her power to make your life hell; or litterally drag you down to it. She also get's extreamly irritated by poor manners, and is disgusted by the lower classes, such as normal citizens and peasants. The only animals she doesn't dislike are cats, horses, snakes predatory birds and the occasional hound.


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