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FR comission Pengu 2 by McEdgelord FR comission Pengu 2 :iconmcedgelord:McEdgelord 0 0 fr Comission mystiki 2 by McEdgelord fr Comission mystiki 2 :iconmcedgelord:McEdgelord 1 0 FR Comission Pengu by McEdgelord FR Comission Pengu :iconmcedgelord:McEdgelord 1 0
Golden sun and silver moon
Golden sun and silver moon
Dancing in the light
Playing in the bloom
I am a sun child
Glowing in the sky
But only showing
What the light touch
I am a moon child
Playing in darkness
The one that the others
Would not trust
I am a day child
Shining with kindness
But only revealing
The glimmer in the glass
I am a night Child
Laughing in the dim night
Not understanding
How others could be scared
I am a light child
A shard of glass
Semming to be pure
But not showing all
I am a star Child
Blinking in the sky
Showing all
the shadows in the dark
Golden eyes
Hiding the blue
Two eyed creature
But you have no clue
Golden sun
Shining in the sky
Illuminating the beauty
But only showing so much
As the light touch
Silver moon
Gleaming in the darkness
Not obscuring
But not showing
If you don't look
For the glowing mirror of crystal
Will you chose day
With it's beutiful windows
Glowing warmt
But decaying heart
Will you chose night
Who only speaks truth
But doesn't hide
The movements in the abyss
Most ch
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Writing Tips - Fantasy Creatures (Part 3)
Okay, for those of you who don't remember the last part, here are the fantasy races that we've come up with:
Driks: Humanoid creatures with long manes, horns, fangs, and sharp claws.
Editrude: Sentient trees that communicate through fruit that cause hallucinations.
Sewards: The intelligent fusion of a dog and a ram that descended from the experiment of a crazy magical scientist.
Udrezos: Small flying creatures with arms instead of legs that communicate via song.
Coleoptera: Evolution of the rhinoceros beetle, which walks upright and has opposeable thumbs.
Scalywons: Freshwater-dwelling lizard people where both males and females play a vital role in pregnancy.
Chrails: Four-armed, no-legged, one-eyed spider people with a solitary magical eye.
As you may have guessed... we've got a lot to do. Last time I said that you shouldn't say "x creatures are" in anything but biology. I specifically stated that unless your race has a hive mind, they should not be monolithic. Real species have many
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 209 11
Writing Tips - Fantasy Creatures (Part 2)
It's time to talk about fantasy races... yay. I seem so enthusiastic today because there are a few pitfalls that most people seem to keep falling into. By fantasy races, I mean elves and dwarves. Also, I'd highly recommend not using elves and dwarves because they've been done so many times in the past. I'm just going to refer to other races as elves and dwarves and halflings for convenience sake.
Let's start with the most common pitfall: the monolithic race. What do I mean by this? Excluding biology, when you're able to say "the elves are... nice, evil, dictatorial, religious, stupid, smart, good archers, pretty, ugly, insert every adjective ever." Unless this race is completely built of a hive mind this is one-hundred percent unacceptable in modern fantasy. You can say they all come from roughly the same area, and they have similar physical traits, but that's it. Even speaking the same languages are iffy. Why this shouldn't work should be relatively obvious. "The humans of Earth are..
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 278 24
Writing Tips - Fantasy Creatures (Part I)
So, I've got myself a map. It's time to populate it with a bunch of different creatures. This can be very fun or very difficult (or both) depending on your skill level. When you're writing a fantasy novel, or creating an RPG world, or anything like that, you could get away with populating the world with exclusively Earth-creatures. But why would you ever want to do that? The fun of fantasy is coming up with new and exciting things that could never be seen in the real world. It's not always just adding magic to medieval Europe, and mixing in elves and dwarves (we'll be talking about sapient species next time).
Some of my favorite fantasy worlds involve entirely alien creatures. Take Morrowind for example. Besides giant rats, every creature is unique. From giant bugs that are hollowed out to take travelers from city to city, to miniature peach-colored dinosaurs that are bred as cattle to pterodactyl birds with stinging tails that won't shut the fuck up. Each of these adds to the world an
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 449 74
Fantasy Wolf by RikerCreatures Fantasy Wolf :iconrikercreatures:RikerCreatures 86 6



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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello there! Nice to see you found my profile.
I am a horse loving girl from the middle of Sweden. I do both digital and traditional art, but I'll probably only post my digital art here.

Why I boycotted fandoms. by lostforeveragain Stamp: Love Commenters by Flame-of-the-Phoenix Stamp: Ceiling by Roxy317 it mocks me by ajCorza


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